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About iCare More Security

Everything has started in a small warehouse with three surveillance video experts who used to work at other security camera companies in Los Angeles, CA. The idea of “Best camera system with most reliable security for lowest price” was (and still) the main goal of this group. Finally in 1997 iCare More Security was born. 

By the year 1998 we decided to grow larger and hired new workers. Our call center activated and as the iCare More Security Camera System family grows larger we had to move to a bigger place. That year iCare More Security already made hundreds of transactions within the US.

In 2000, iCare More Security raised the bar and began to sell licence plate recognition system. Same year iCare provided security camera system over 500 schools in US.

From 2001 to 2013, we have got the chance to prove the reliability of our security camera system. We made a partnership with an installation company and provided security cameras to many business bases.

2014 was the year when iCare Security Cameras became celebrity. Cameras were on us all the time, like we were walking on the red carpet. All jokes aside, iCare security systems were on the news at NBC, as an expert that explains how the elevator cameras work and who can access to the stored footage.

2015- iCare Security Camera Systems was on the first place at Google search for “security cameras.” Our customers' feedbacks rose up to 4.6 / 5 which are still rising since then.

2016 –We‘ve modified our office and added a “demo section” that allows customers to test their system before they get installed.

And today, 2017- We are still growing larger and iCare Security Cameras became one of the most reliable security system seller with more than 25 brands and thousands of models.

Money is never the first issue for us. That is why we are doing our best the keep the prices as low as possible to reach more people and have more happy customers. No matter if you have a huge facility or just a tiny backyard, you are both equally important to us. Our main goal is to understand what our customers want from us and how can we make it even better for them.

We know the importance of communication so, we pay so much attention to our chat system and call center. Feel free to contact us.