If you own a restaurant or bar, one of the most proactive security measures you can take is to install a security camera system. Restaurants and bars often have a higher risk for crime and theft due to high rate of customer flow, extended open hours and high staff turnover rates. In a recent report, statistics revealed that nearly 75% of all restaurant theft is committed by employees, accounting for nearly $6 million in losses for U.S. restaurants per year. A properly installed security camera system doesn’t just help prevent theft, it can also help protect your business from employees acting inappropriately, leaving early, or mishandling food as well as protecting you against lawsuits stemming from slips and falls or in the case that a fight breaks out. One of the best things about a modern day surveillance system is you can view it from almost anywhere in the world on your PC, cell phone, or tablet. This means keeping an eye on your restaurant while at home, on vacation, or virtually anywhere else. When employees know they are being watched they are usually more productive and it inspires better performance overall. Another benefit of having cameras is seeing exactly who comes in and leaves the restaurant as well as the time and date they entered and left. Transactions from registers can also be easily monitored and recorded. Another advantage is the ability to monitor deliveries of inventory. What to consider before installing a security camera system in your restaurant or bar: Before installing a security camera system in your restaurant or bar, you should consider all of the different locations within your restaurant or bar that you would like to view as well as the lighting of each location. This will help determine the type and quantity of cameras you will need for keeping a proper eye over your business. Below we’ve listed several key locations and what to consider in each spot when installing a security camera.