Are you concerned about your kids and wife when you are not at home? Are you thinking to keep an eye on your office to look upon the events that happens behind your back?. Then, nothing could be better than security cameras for home which will meet all your requirements on point.

Security cameras has become one of the basic need of every home, according to the study conducted by experts. It has been noticed that burglars restrict themselves when they see security camera at someone’s place.

However, you need to be very careful with the type of camera you are choosing for your home and the area where you are placing it. Doesn’t matter you are hiring professionals for installing camera or installing by yourself. If you want to utilize the effectiveness of the camera to its full potential, then placing of the camera should be appropriate.

Here look at 4 tips on where your camera should be placed and why it should be installed there :-

1. Which place to choose

Nowadays, you have variety of options to choose from as there are hundreds of different kind available in market to meet the demand. You will even find tiny size camera that may not even visible to other person from a naked eye. But you should be sure about where you want security the most.

Most of the people prefer to install cameras at front door as it is the main entrance which should be guarded with heavy security. Still, many people believes that camera need to be installed at sites where the chances of seeing a crowd will be the least.That could be the target point of thieves probably in most of the times.

Don't forget windows, back entrance and all the other possible areas where the chances of a person to enter in a house is the most. Now placing is also an essential part, try to install the camera at height where you can able to get the visual of people full or wider view of the facing side.

However, don’t go to the height where you wouldn't able to get clear view of the entire scene. Pixel can become a issue in this scenario.

2. Lighting

Lighting must be your biggest concern as too much darkness or too much brightness can affect your recorded footage badly. If you place the camera in a darker location then it would become difficult for camera to provide clearer images. Every camera has its inbuilt light which it use to create images but too dark can become an issue even with that capability. Don’t place your camera where sunlight is directly coming on lens as it can create glares and affect lens life badly over the period of time.

3. Secure the surveillance

One of the most common mistake that people do is that they do not secure the security camera. Technology has made everyone advance which eventually made burglars also smart enough to temper the camera. In few cases, i have heard people faced the situation where burglars manipulated the camera easily. So, put one camera facing towards another camera for the protection of your main one.

4. Follow the law

There are certain rules and regulations which are issued by court about the places where you can install surveillance camera. Please have a look at them once before you decide on installation. This can even lead you to legal trouble by your neighbours or someone.

Security camera are not just useful in providing security to home and offices but it also has numerous of benefits that you may not aware about. There are various type of cameras such as analog, digital, ip etc. if you’re thinking to install one then take a look at wide range of cameras on our site icaremore in affordable prices.