Nowadays as the people grow apart due to increasing crime wave, security becomes the major priority. One of the most common and important option for security is to set up a surveillance camera system. Aside from the visible cameras detterent effect, hidden cameras can also help to save your loved ones or property by keeping an eye on it 24/7, so you can check it at anytime and anywhere to prevent any potential crime before it happens. While the security camera systems are that much of important, do you really let an unauthorized man or a regular electrician install them?

Other than most of the electronic product companies, security system manufacturers are not giving direct service and support. Most of the security camera system manufacturers warranties varies betweeen 1 to 3 years and non of them includes “user mistake” problems. As a result , best way to install a security system to your property is not your best friend “who can fix everything” , or that electrician guy down the street who mounted your TV to the wall last year. I am sure they are both good guys but warranties do not cover good guy mistakes. To avoid further problems and “out of warranty” situations always work with authorized state certified security system installers.

To sum up, as you do not want your chiropractor to do your brain surgery, do not let unauthorized people to install your security camera system.