I heard lot of people asking me this question whether they should buy alarm system for security or go with camera system. The purpose of installing surveillance system at home is to provide protection to house and family.

Lot of people realise the importance of security system when they face some kind of a threat or end up losing essentials of their home. It is now become crucial for everyone to install security system in order to avoid any kind of conflict, burglary, threat etc.

When it comes to choosing between these two, the answer become little complicated as both consist their own type of pros and cons. It depends on what you would prefer. Whether you want monitored system or unmonitored? You will prefer sensors or just cctv?. Lot of factors needs to be taken into consideration before making an decision.

Here i'm going to discuss both of these system benefits and losses that will help you make better decision for your home.

Alarm system

Alarm system provide various kind of protection, if your home already having wired connection then all you need to do is find a company who can monitor your house all day long. If you have never installed anything before at home then most probably you would get wireless connection for the first time installation. Wireless connection has its own kind of benefits. you will not be needing an expert technician to do the job as it can be installed easily, no more wire hassle. Also, you do not need to be worry about wire getting cut by thieves before entering home as it is almost impossible to turn off wireless alarm system by anyone from outside.

The major problem of installing alarm systems is the initial cost. You need to spend the money on couple of motion detectors, sensors and door alarms etc. after that you will hire an agency for monitoring home 24x7 for security .

If you are having kids at home then sensor may create problem for you as children tend to play around the house which ultimately can trigger alarm uselessly.

Camera system

You have wide range of options when you install camera system at home. There are basically two types of camera “wired” and “wireless”. I would personally prefer wired over wireless but it totally depends on you what suits your environment condition better. There are several options of recording footage and keeping it stored at some place such as dvr, ip, analog, micro card etc.

Nowadays, people prefer either hdr or ip camera for recording. Analog were used in initial period as it do not have that much technologically space to contain heavy videos. Or if it does then you will be needing a wire to connect your camera to dvr for recording.

Micro sd card option is also a pretty decent choice as the card automatically delete the old data from memory as soon as it gets full on its own.

Home surveillance camera are useful and less expensive when you wish to see footage on your mobile, tv, tablet etc. As it is not necessary to hire the agency if you are able to keep an eye at home even when you are away.

Whether you choose alarm system or home surveillance camera, the most crucial aspect is to keep burglars away from home. As well as get the help from police immediately in case of emergency.