The crime in this era growing at rapid pace as technology consist of both pros and cons. If you think emergence of technology is the reason behind all these crimes then it is the only source which can prevent the crime also.

Earlier, there was a time when only few people used to thought about installing security systems at home. Nowadays, every other house give first priority to home security then think about something else.

The advancement in tech world definitely offering wide range of options but choosing one among so many is confusing and frustrating same time. Also, the change comes in market very quick which actually make us feel very less informed person on earth.

So, before you go out and come back to home in brainstorming confusion let me just brief you 5 type of security systems for home or office protection :-

1. Monitored systems

It is one of the most used and expensive system. The system usually set off alarm if found any suspicious activity. it immediately inform the monitored centre in case alarm get triggered. They tends to call you back within 30 seconds as soon as they get indication. The call is usually done to know is alarm set off by family members accidently or not. If you do not respond to call or send code word to them then they immediately inform police about the breakage.

One of the disadvantages are that it is installed through wired connection and thieves can cut the line even before entering home. Still, it is not easy as you think it require expert to do the job.

2. Unmonitored systems

Another type of security for home is unmonitored system. They tends to set off loud sirens inside and outside the house indicating force break in. it is more or less depend on others or neighbours to call the police if you are not at home. It is much more affordable in comparison to monitored system. It also comes with flashlight to tell people from where sound is coming from. Most of the times a loud siren is enough to make thieves run as they get scared.

3.Wireless alarm systems

This kind of system is easy to use and install as the whole equipment is free from wires. There is no monitoring fee, you don’t need to hassle with all the wires, choose any settings you like. You can use cameras, sensor, beams, alarms etc.

Still, i'll say it is little expensive when it comes to replacing of batteries after certain period of time. It is not necessary you need to do after every short interval it all depends on usage and conditions in which it is installed.

4.Electric current systems

It has both advantage and disadvantage, if we see positive side then it is “the best” to install. As, it gives little beep when a door or window is opened by someone. Still, if you’re having an children at your home then it can be little messy as they play in house all the time and obviously will roam around windows and doors. As well as electric current can interfere your alarm and make it not workable sometimes.

Security systems has become essentials of every house and office as safety matters the most. You can opt for cctv cameras which are digital and consist of high quality technology. If you’re looking to buy one then “71E04-4M (4 Megapixels, 4 channels C, CVI)” and 71E08-4M (4 Megapixels, 8 Channels, CVI) is one of the best in market.